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Gas-Phase Filtration Solutions

In true AAF tradition, American Air Filter welcomes you to the industry’s foremost complete air filtration decision-sciences tool.


Gone are the days when the term ‘air filtration’ used to immediately and exclusively imply particulate air filtration.  In today’s environment, premier health organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control’s – National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) define air filtration as removing “unwanted material” from airstreams. The term “unwanted material” thereby further described as material removed via both –

                   1.    Particulate Air Filtration, and

2.    Gas-phase Air Cleaning (for removing gases, vapors and odors)


Chemical filters have been offered for many decades by companies who claimed to understand chemistry. AAF International completes the circle of trust for reputed engineers and consultants globally who continue to draw upon AAF International, McQuay International, and Daikin Air-conditioning’s global industry experiences to provide complete air quality solutions.


Employ the User Guide link on each page to get navigation assistance. For a quick start -


1.  Use AAF Applications for a comprehensive list of predefined environments. Here, you will find preprogrammed environments (airports, hospitals, specialty environments, etc) and their anticipated contaminants. This is a dynamic list with additions continuously being made.



2.  Click on New Applications if you have information readily available regarding the specific airborne contaminants that you anticipate to encounter.



After using either calculation approach, choose from various solution options picked for you based on airflow, pressure drop, solution service life, or space availability requirements. Draw from our experience by using the dynamic SAAF Media Optimizer for a tailor-made concise solution. Remember to save your application to “My Applications” to enable you to return to it.


There are multiple links for information resources within this tool and multiple report formats to allow you to generate a simple Quick Look report or a complete technical proposal.


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